Give a Grey a Forever Home
Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada -(GPAC) is a 100% volunteer driven, Canadian registered non-profit Organization Located in, Musquodoboit Harbor, NS.
In GPAC was started by our director/founder, Jeanette Reynolds who is a qualified RN in Psychology, who has a Masters Degree in Animal Sience Behavior, Jeanette, is also a certified dog trainer with 30 + years of experience with all dog breeds.
As of September , GPAC has placed over 3,300 retired greyhounds into their forever homes across NS, NB, NFLD and PEI
Greyhounds are known for their loving, gentle nature; they love attention and human companionship, therefore are great with children and other pets you may own.
GPAC has a 97% Success rate in placing Greyhounds in their forever homes the very first time.
Our easy 2 step interview and screening process allows GPAC to maintain this 97% success rate.
GPAC has representatives in all Maritime Provinces.
GPAC has an excellent support group built up through a multitude of experience with our numerous greyhound owners.